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Administrative Computing Physical Facilities

The Administrative Computing Physical Facilities area provides IT resources, services, and support for all of Physical Facilities. Our mission is to create and deliver seamless IT solutions while incorporating the latest IT standands and best practices to insure a robust yet secure computing environment.


As a security measure, whenever you contact ITaP’s Customer Service Center (CSC) at 4-4000 to request your user login password to be reset or for your account to be unlocked, they will ask for your PUID number. Please have it handy when you call for password issues. If you do not know your PUID, it can be found in One Purdue Employee Self-Service under “Personal Information”-“Additional Personal Data”.

Also, there is a self-help method available to reset your password if you have enabled that feature by providing answers to challenge questions. A full explanation is found here: This process also needs your PUID.


In conjunction with Purchasing’s Procurement Services’ “Purchasing a Copier/Printer/Fax/Scanner/MFC etc” process, CSDS has instituted the following procedures in acquiring new print/copy devices:

“In order to match the Department’s budget and business printing needs with the appropriate printer purchase, a pre-purchase consultation with a strategic sourcing vendor representative, CSDS staff member, and a departmental representative is required by Purchasing and the Strategic Sourcing Initiative. Departments may not purchase printers outside of this process without Purchasing’s approval. All new printer purchases should be coordinated with CSDS. …. To facilitate a more stable and secure environment, and faster installation times, CSDS supports HP and Toshiba printers exclusively which have been proven to be stable in our environment and are recommended by strategic sourcing vendors. Cannon IV of Indianapolis is a Purdue strategic sourcing vendor providing HP and Toshiba printers and is the CSDS preferred vendor for procurement and repair.”

For further details on this policy and process, please see the Procurement Services link at
and the CSDS link at

If your area is thinking about replacing or adding a print/copy device, please initially contact Orlo Shoop, your IT facilitator in ADCOM-PF at 494-7776 or at, to begin the process.