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Roles and Responsibilities Defined

As part of the ongoing organizational changes aimed at aligning Physical Facilities IT staff with the 2010 Campus Information Technology Plan the following roles and responsibilities have been defined within Administrative Computing Physical Facilities:


The role of the Relationship Manager is to help assure that the combined services of CSDS and the IT support resources within Administrative Computing Physical Facilities meet Physical Facilities IT related needs.

The Relationship Manager will work closely with Physical Facilities department heads to provide technical coordination for departmental IT service and support needs.

In addition, the Relationship Manager will serve on the Cooperative Services - Desktop Support Advisory Board and will have the ability to escalate desktop support issues on the behalf of Physical Facilities staff as needs warrant.

Lastly, the Relationship manager will act as an advocate for the IT needs of Physical Facilities representing the best interests of Physical Facilities throughout the organization.

If you should have issues or concerns with the IT service that you are receiving, please feel free to contact Chris at the phone number or email addresses listed under the Service Requests section on the right side of this page


The role of IT Expeditor / Facilitator has been created to help properly funnel customer and departmental service requests to the appropriate IT resource.

Requests received through the various request forms found on our site and/or submitted to Administrative Computing Physical Facilities through our Service Request phone line and/or email address will be processed by the IT Expeditor / Facilitator on a first come first served basis.

Requests requiring additional resources (multiple in some cases) will be routed to the proper resource giving our customers a single source for their IT service needs.