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July 22, 2011 - Installation of New IT Management Software (SCCM)


Deployment is slated for the evening of July 26th for the new IT management application (System Center Configuration Manager -SCCM) used to inventory, deliver software, and remotely control computers.

When installed, there will be two additional items in your Control Panel - “Run Advertised Programs” and “Remote Control”.

SCCM Verification


As in the past, you will always be asked by IT service personnel beforehand to remotely access your machine.

When a remote control session is in effect you will see this icon Remote Control Icon in the lower right system tray to indicate a remote control session is in effect.


A major change will be how software is deployed to your computer. CSDS will be able to “advertise” software to your computer and you will be able to review and interact with those “advertised” programs via “Run Advertised Programs” selection of the Control Panel.

The below screen indicates that one program (IgorPavlov7-Zip 4.65) has been advertised and installed on your computer. Please remember that until your computer is running Windows 7, this will not show all the programs that are installed on your PC, just the ones deployed using SCCM.

SCCM Example

If you find that you need to re-install a piece of listed software, you could select the entry and click on the Run button. Once you do this, the software would be re-installed. Once completed, the Last Run Time and the Last Status will be updated appropriately.