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March 21, 2011 - Pre “Go Live” Core Announcement from CSDS


Beginning March 23, a new support structure, called Cooperative Services Desktop Support (CSDS), will be implemented to provide desktop computing support.

At that time, components of desktop services from:

- Business Services Computing (HR Financial Zone)
- Housing and Food Services Computing (HFS-IT)
- Physical Facilities Computing (CWS)
- Student Affairs Workstation Technology (SSTA)
- ITCR Desktop Computing Services (DCS)

will merge to form the new organization, housed in ITaP Customer Relations. The consolidated organization will include over 40 talented desktop professionals teamed together to support approximately 4,000 workstations in the existing supported client areas. All CSDS staff will be knowledgable in securely handling your data and will be certified for FERPA, GLBA, HIPPA, and Data Handling.

Additionally, as a part of the overall desktop support structure, each client area will be represented by a Relationship Manager. The role of the Relationship Manager is to help assure that the combined services of CSDS and IT support resources in the client area meet the area’s total desktop needs. The Relationship Manager will:

- Manage technical coordination within client areas
- Communicate desktop needs of the client area to CSDS
- Represent the best interests of their assigned areas
- Recommend improvements to CSDS services for the common benefit of the areas supported
- Coordinate IT resources in their client areas to provide services beyond CSDS desktop support

As part of the restructuring, the ITaP Customer Service Center (CSC) has modified its incoming call strategy to streamline desktop support. CSC will implement a phone tree so CSDS customer calls will be answered by staff who have been trained to remotely troubleshoot desktop issues. The target goal is to resolve 80% of desktop calls at the CSC. Whenever possible and appropriate, solutions will also be documented in Purdue’s GoldAnswers knowledgebase for customer self-service. See organization diagram below.


Although each Relationship Manager may further define preliminary steps to be taken by desktop users in their area in the event of a desktop issue, each CSDS desktop user will also have available to them:

- Phone 49-44000 or email for desktop support
- Self Service: for knowledgebase articles that may help resolve desktop issues

With such change comes a period of discovery and learning, especially for staff taking on new duties. One critical objective for this transition is to minimize disruption for customers. To meet that challenge, a “War Room” will be staffed with specialists from the previous desktop support areas beginning March 23rd to facilitate resolution or routing of desktop issues. The War Room will remain as long as necessary to meet customer needs.


The Campus IT Plan calls for efforts to collaborate on IT governance across Academic, Administrative, and IT areas; and to consolidate common good services whenever possible. Specifically, one area targeted was desktop support, with objectives to:

- Integrate desktop support from Business Services, Housing and Food Services, Physical Facilities, ITaP and Student Services into a single structure.
- Leverage resources, expertise and best practices.
- Eliminate redundancy in separate organizations.
- Promote professional development.
- Maximize first call resolution.
- Minimize disruption to customer and time to issue resolution.