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News From Administrative Computing Physical Facilities

February 15, 2012 - Physical Facilities WIN 7 News Changes

Windows 7 Deployment, Hardware Replacement, Domain Migration

This is the first in a series of informational documents about upcoming changes to your computing environment. Three major workstation-related events are to occur simultaneously:

  1. Operating system upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.
  2. Many Physical Facilities users (over half) will receive newer computers.
  3. Completion of the Physfac domain migration to the One Purdue domain.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Administrative Computing - Physical Facilities (ADCOM-PF), in conjunction with ITaP's Cooperative Services Desktop Support (CSDS), will be providing information to help you get through these major events, hereafter collectively called "the migration".

Your Assistance:

You will be asked to do several things to assist in the migration of your computer to Windows 7. We will be providing the specific "how to's" along the way via email and web links.

Some items of which you need to be aware:

  1. All computers will either be replaced or entirely overwritten with the Windows 7 operating system and new software.
  2. No data (documents, pictures, mp3s/music files, Outlook signatures and email rules, customized Office configurations, etc) on your local computer will be migrated /saved in this process.
    • Please note: If you wish to retain data from your present/old computer you will need to identify and copy it to the network or an external drive (USB, CD/DVD, etc). Details on how to search and copy such data will be provided.
  3. Printers and any customized print settings will need to be recorded.
  4. It is very important to participate in user application testing when requested.
  5. Reduce the size of your Home directory (H: Drive). Please note: If your H: drive has more than 2 GB worth of data, your department will be charged a fee by ITaP for using additional storage space. (Rates and billing methodology yet to be determined.)
  6. Once you have your Win 7 system, you will log on the One Purdue domain and not the Physfac domain. There will be no need to log into Outlook separately.
  7. Outside of SAP (OnePurdue Portal), you will no longer receive reminders your password is about to expire.
    • Please note: If you use SAP beyond Employee Self Service (ESS), your password will still expire every 30 days. As before in SAP, you will see your Career Account Password Status indicating when you password was last changed and when it will expire.

General Migration Sequencing and Timelines:

As there are about 700 affected Physical Facilities computer, the migration to Windows 7, once started, will stretch out numerous weeks. CSDS will be working with ADCOM-PF and your departmental manager to determine the specific schedule for your computer´┐Żs migration. That determination rests primarily with two factors - complexity and amount of specialized software you use and whether you will be receiving a newer computer or just upgrading your existing computer to Windows 7. Below is the general timeline of what is to happen:

One month prior to deployment\upgrade

  1. Orlo Shoop and Jeannine Helderman (Technical Coordinators for Physical Facilities) along with Janet Lange from CSDS will meet with the CSDS Project Lead Technician to verify hardware, software and special needs (For example: Legal holds, Static IP address, etc.)
  2. The tentative deployment\upgrade date will be determined.
  3. Application testers will be determined.

Three and a half weeks prior to deployment \upgrade

  1. The deployment date will be set and communicated to users and supervisors, confirming applications, additional devices and network printers.

Three weeks prior to deployment \upgrade

  1. User application testing, if needed, will begin. This is an important component of the migration process, rapid completion of this testing is critical to the success of your migration..

Two days before deployment\upgrade

  1. Final go/no go deployment decision will be made.

Day of deployment\upgrade

  1. Generally the migration process will start on a Monday approximately at 3:30 PM.
  2. CSDS support staff will begin replacing machines or preparing and starting the update process.

Day after deployment\upgrade

  1. CSDS support staff will be on site and available to assist with log in and any problems.
  2. Please make sure to read and follow any documentation that was left with your new or upgraded machine.

Timeline Notes:

  1. Although not detailed above, Orlo, Jeannine, Janet and CSDS will be working with users in the decision making process and will communicate via email as each step approaches.
  2. The timing and support staff availability will be modified for workstations that are used by individuals working second and third shifts.
  3. Workstations that will be migrated in the first few weeks will have the above timelines compressed - in an effort to begin the deployment schedule\upgrade process earlier.