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Applying for Funding

The Application

  • Read the application carefully to determine the purpose of the funding and direct your application to this intent.
  • Plan the project; identify the resources needed and available; schedule appointments with the people or offices available for assistance.
  • Develop a timeline to complete all the components of the application package.
  • Read the instructions carefully and complete the application as instructed.

The References

  • Select faculty who are willing and appropriate to provide a reference based upon the program announcement.
  • Communicate the procedures for submitting the reference.
  • Provide a copy of your CV and the program announcement to the faculty member when requesting a reference, noting the items to be highlighted by the reference.
  • State the deadline for submitting the reference.
  • Send a thank you note to the faculty member a few days prior to the stated deadline.

The Essay

  • Read the question or statement, then determine the intent of the question, and identify the key components.
  • Compose your response, directing your experience and skills to the intent of the essay. Place the emphasis on the impact of the experiences, not simply a listing of accomplishments.
  • Edit the essay ensuring that all elements of the question have been addressed.
  • Visit the Online Writing Lab (OWL) for assistance in grammar and composition.

The CV/Resumé

  • Attend professional development workshops for career and skill development.
  • Review your CV with the Center for Career Opportunities.
  • Format the CV based on the intent and purpose of the fellowship.

The Research Proposal

  • Work with a faculty member to develop the research proposal if one is requested.
  • Edit the research proposal for technical content as well as grammar.
  • Attend grant writing workshops hosted by The Graduate School and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

Financial Aid

  • Consult with the Division of Financial Aid to determine what financial information is needed and for assistance in completing the forms.

Applying for Funding