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Application Notice

Round Trip Transportation

Lfayette LimoPurdue University provides transportation to West Lafayette from the student's home town.



Normally students fly into Indianapolis and are brought to campus by the Lafayette Limo Service.

If students wish to bring their own cars, they are paid mileage according to Purdue policy.

University Housing for 8 Weeks

Participants are housed in Hilltop Apartments on the North edge of campus adjacent to the Purdue Ackerman Golf Course.

Hilltop Apartments

Apartment Layout

Research Stipend ($4,000/8 weeks)

  • Each participant receives a stipend of $4,000 for the summer. This is paid in three equal installments.
  • Stipend payments are made upon arrival, mid-summer, and upon departure.

Research with a Faculty Mentor

Scholars work for eight weeks under the supervision of a faculty mentor, often assisted on a daily basis by a graduate student or staff co-mentor. (Scholars may work in any discipline in which Purdue offers a PhD degree.)

Workshops on Preparing for the GRE

A special workshop is provided to assist students in preparing to take the GRE.

The workshop consists of six two-hour instructional sessions led by Ph.D. candidates in Mathematics and English. There are two sessions each on math, verbal, and analytical writing.

Each student is given a practice exam before and after the workshop to measure improvement.

Big Ten Research Conference

Students come together with more than 600 students from other Big Ten universities to share their summer research experiences.

Poster and Oral Research Presentations

At the end of the summer each student presents her/his research results both in the form of a poster and in a PowerPoint presentation.

These products are often presented again at the students' home institutions, and at regional or national conferences.

Evening Meetings

Evening meetings are offered to assist students in learning about careers for Ph.D. recipients in Government, Industry, and Universities.

Access to University Facilities

Participants have full access to:

  • Recreational Facilities
  • Library Facilities
  • Computer Facilities
  • Dining Facilities
  • Student Health Center

Weekend Fieldtrips

Students have opportunities to experience:

  • Indianapolis - Chicago

Recognition Banquet

Students and mentors are recognized for their hard work and productivity at the closing banquet.

An inspirational speaker helps to put the summer experience in perspective.

Take Home Products

  • A significant research experience with a faculty mentor
  • A PowerPoint presentation of research results
  • A poster presentation of research results
  • A potential letter of recommendation for graduate school
  • Enhanced ability to do well on the GRE
  • Information about careers and graduate schools
  • A sense of the culture and environment at Purdue and in surrounding cities and countryside
  • A rich multicultural experience
  • Many new friends